Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Huckabees Endorsements Say More About Him Than They Do the Candidates He Endorses

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Mike Huckabee announced his endorsement of former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson yesterday.

Thompson is to the far left of most Republican Primary voters and will need all the help he can get if he is to beat former Congressman Mark Neumann for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin.

Thompson was a supporter of mandating government health care and of supporting tax payer dollars to be spent on wasteful and destructive embryonic stem cell research.

Tommy Thompson would be a disaster as a Republican Senator because he would vote liberal on many issues and many of my Republican friends will get mad at me when I point that out.

If on the other hand, Tammy Baldwin is elected U.S. Senator, When I go after Tommy Baldwin for the same votes that I would criticize Tammy Thompson on, all of my Republican friends will cheer me on.

Make no mistake, Tommy Thompson is no conservative.

But this post isn't about Tommy.

Its about Mike Huckabee and what I perceive is behind this latest endorsement of Thompson.

Its called revenge. And this time its ugly.

It seems pretty clear to a lot of conservatives, that Mike Huckabee doesn't like the folks at the Club for Growth. He once called them the "Club for Greed"

The Club in turn has made it clear they don't like Mike -- for things like raising taxes while as Governor of Arkansas.

Then there is this video that the Club showed to everyone willing to watch:

In 2010, I watched pretty closely the endorsement race -- and more times than not, if the Club for Growth endorsed someone, Huckabee endorsed someone else. The few times they matched it appears that Huckabee endorsed first.

What leads me to believe that the Huckabee endorsement is really about sticking it to the Club is a couple of things.

1. If you compare Huckabee endorsements so far in 2012 -- they all seem to be good conservatives, like Gary Glenn in Michigan (running for U.S. Senate) and Steve Daines who is running for Congress in Montana. In 2010, I don't think you could find one endorsement of Huckabee's that the candidate was for Government control of healthcare or embryonic stem cell research.

Read what he says about Thompson:
"Tommy has the necessary experience to make an immediate and positive difference in Washington," Huckabee said in a statement on his political action committee's website. "Tommy served the great state of Wisconsin as the 42nd Governor, serving four terms for 14 years, and was forced to work with a Democrat-controlled state legislature; because of that Tommy knows how to work in a bipartisan nature and will be a positive voice for real change in Washington." Seriously? That's what you are going to say about the guy that will help him win a Republican primary?

He's "bipartisan"?

Really? I hope and pray that the next United States Senator doesn't have to work with "a Democrat controlled" legislature.

Say what you will about the other previous endorsements, but this one seems like its all about payback.

Now -- quickly, I like Mike Huckabee. But I firmly disagree with him on this one. He's wrong about Tommy.

And the stakes are very high this election. Not only do we have a chance to oust President Obama, but we have a chance to remove Harry Reid as Majority Leader of the Senate.

So this time -- this endorsement -- this revenge -- may cost us dearly.
  • Repeal of Obama Care
  • Real pro-life advancement
  • Real substantive cuts to the funding of Planned Parenthood
  • Real government reform
  • Lower taxes
We aren't going to get this with Tommy Thompson.

Tommy Thompson will have more in common with Democrats like Ben and Bill Nelson, then Republicans like Jim DeMint, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and even the other Sen. from Wisconsin; Ron Johnson.

If Tommy Thompson is able to beat Tammy Baldwin and become the next U.S. Senator, the new Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell will have to worry about one more so called moderate who will keep him from doing the right thing on so many issues.

Conservatives only want to help Mitch McConnell by electing honest conservative Senators like Ted Cruz in Texas, Adam Hasner in Florida and Mark Neumann in Wisconsin. Why doesn't Mike endorse these fine conservative men?

These conservative candidates for Senate will join forces with the DeMint wing of the Republican caucus and move the whole United States Senate to the right -- on taxes, on spending and cutting, on life and traditional values. If those three candidates aren't elected to the U.S. Senate, Mitch McConnell is probably not going to be the Majority Leader and if he is, it will be only for a short time as the American people will get fed up again and throw Republicans out again.

And it will be Mike Huckabee's fault....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Conservative Women's Organization Endorses True Conservative for U.S. Senate

Concerned Women Political Action Committee Endorses Former Conservative Congressman, Mark Neumann for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin

Conservative Women’s organization back solid fiscal and social conservative

Washington, D.C. — Concerned Women Political Action Committee (CWPAC) has announced its endorsement of former Wisconsin Congressman, Mark Neumann for the United State Senate from Wisconsin. Mark is running in a multi-candidate Republican primary to replace current Democrat Senator, Herb Kohl who is retiring at the end of 2012.

Concerned Women PAC, established in 2002 by Founder and Chairman Beverly LaHaye, is affiliated with Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization with more than 500,000 grassroots members nationwide.

Congressman Neumann is running as the clear alternative to Tommy Thompson, who if he decides to run, will have difficulty with a past record of praising President Obama’s health care plan, and supporting tax payer dollars going to wasteful and destructive embryonic stem cell research. Congressman Neumann’s record on these and other conservative issues are well known and established. Mr. Neumann is the clear conservative favorite.

“Mark Neumann had our endorsement when he ran for Governor and now he’s earned it again for U.S. Senate.” said Penny Nance, CEO of Concerned Women PAC.

“Wisconsin needs to elect a proven conservative to go along with freshman Senator, Ron Johnson. Concerned Women Political Action Committee endorses Congressman Mark Neumann for the United States Senate, because of willingness to stand up for what is right! Neumann is the best chance for Wisconsin to elect a proven social and fiscal conservative to the Senate.”

Penny Nance and Concerned Women Political Action Committee’s mission is to elect solid pro-family, pro-life conservatives to Congress. For more information on this race, or to set up an interview with Penny Nance, please contact Mike Mears at 202-408-4941.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

When Consultants Go Wild


About a month ago, conservative Craig Huey (on the right) shocked the political establishment in both parties when he narrowly won a spot to take on Janice Hahn in a special election to be held on July 12th. I underestimated Huey once and wasn't going to do it again so I supported him. No sooner had that happened and a horrible internet ad was exposed by David Cantonese, He wrote about the story again when he interviewed the "creator"of the ad
And then again here when Craig Huey denounced the ad. Ladd Ehlinger is the gentleman's name who created the ad.
My organization came out against the ad and the Daily Caller's Matt Lewis carried it.
Enough said? I thought so until I had a conversation with a colleague who was intrigued by the ad and the fact that it had "gone viral" with over 500k hits.
"that should get the guy who produced the ad a lot of attention"
Which is exactly why the Huey campaign and his supporters are concerned.
According to what I read about Ladd, he did it to "piss people off".
He also admitted in one of the interviews that he didn't really care about the outcome of the race because he wasn't working for anyone but himself (that's my paraphrase).
How is this any different when an outside third party, say the NRA decides to weigh in on a race?
Well for one, most of the time when these so-called third parties get involved its on issues that most folks would admit are their issues. Would anyone other than my friends at Gun Owners of America argue that the NRA knows guns better than any candidate? I don't think so.
But in this case -- Ladd Ehlinger took a potent issue (I argue the only one the campaign had) and blew it up. If Craig is somehow able to shake the genie out of the bottle, AGAIN and win in this district (18% more D's than R's) than most of the mainstream media will credit Mr. Ehlinger, which would really be a travesty.
I don't know if the Huey campaign will recover from this -- and I'm not sure that they will be able to use this issue now.
The only clear winner here?
A man named Ladd.....

Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't get all Flaky on me

I don't want to see Jeff Flake in the United States Senate in 2013.

There I said it.

Last week Senator John Kyle (R-AZ) announced he is retiring and will not be running for re-election. So that opens up a senate seat in 2012. The winner will be a United States Senator in January of 2013. .

Within hours of Kyl's announcement, the economic group, Club for Growth started calling for Jeff Flake to "Run Jeff Run". The next day others, including the Wall Street Journal also came out in favor of Flake.

There's a problem though. Like Club for Growth and the Wall Street Journal, Flake is only half a conservative, while there are other true conservatives looking at this race.

It makes sense that those who only worship the American taxpayer would be attracted to Flake. Everyone knows he is "Mr. No" when it comes to earmarks and spending.

It's just on other issues, Flake takes a much less conservative position.

Normally this is where someone steps in and claims that Flake is the only candidate who can win this race. Except in this case that assertion doesn't hold water. There are at least a handful of other candidates who can not only win this seat for conservatives but would be, well more conservative. Lets take one alternative for example, Congressman Trent Franks. His record with social conservatives is outstanding and even Flake recruiters at the Club for Growth should be happy with a CFG 97% career rating.

So what's my problem with Flake?

1. He's bad on Don't Ask, Don't Tell. He obviously hasn't read the DOD report and their recommendations or he would realize what a tremendous cost this is going to be for the American tax payer. I have posted it here for you . Do yourself a favor, and start reading at page 131. The good stuff doesn't happen until they start talking about redefining what a "dependent" (which will have a huge impact on the cost of housing and benefits) is. I'd also like to point out that he voted for this during the Lame Duck session -- which was the last gasp of Nancy Pelosi and the House liberals to try and ram down the American peoples throats legislation that in a few short weeks would never have made it out of committee. Flake helped them.

2. The so called Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Flake voted in favor of telling businesses who they could and couldn't hire. How is that conservative? Now the interesting thing here is that Nancy Pelosi and her friends really wanted to add sexual expression and identity(men wearing dresses to work) to the list as well, but settled for this as a first step.

3. Pledge Protection Act. Flake voted against protecting the United States flag from desecration. Before those of you who only get out of your mom's basement to either vote for Ron Paul or attend C-PAC, jump all over me about this, the only reason I bring this up is that it passed, and even RON PAUL voted to protect the flag.

4. Internet Gambling. Flake is on the opposite side of social conservatives and major league baseball, football, basketball, etc...

And I could actually go on. Flake has also gained the ire of those who are trying to stop illegal immigration as he sponsored a pro-amnesty bill with Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez (TX). I'm pretty sure that won't play well in a Republican primary in Arizona.

Here's the bottom line:

I just don't quite understand why you would put forward a half conservative like Jeff Flake, when there are other true conservatives who can win this seat.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

2010 Conservative Candidates

2010 Endorsed House Candidates

Alabama-02 Martha Roby
Alabama-05 Mo Brooks
Arizona-05 David Schweikert
Arizona-08 Jesse Kelly
Arkansas-01 Rick Crawford
Arkansas-02 Tim Griffin
Arkansas-03 Steve Womack
Arkansas-04 Beth Anne Rankin
California-37 Star Parker
Colorado-03 Scott Tipton
Colorado-04 Cory Gardner
Delaware-Glen Urquhart
Florida-02 Steve Southerland
Florida-08 Daniel Webster
Florida-12 Dennis Ross
Florida-24 Sandy Adams
Georgia-09 Tom Graves
Idaho-01 Raul Labrador
Illinois-11 Adam Kinzinger
Illinois-14 Randy Hultgren
Illinois-17 Bobby Schilling
Indiana-02 Jackie Walorski
Indiana-03 Marlin Stutzman
Indiana-04 Todd Rokita
Indiana-08 Larry Buschon
Iowa-03 Brad Zaun
Kansas-01 Tim Huelskamp
Kansas-04 Mike Pompeo
Kentucky-06 Andy Barr
Louisiana-03 Jeff Landry
Maryland-01 Andy Harris
Maryland-05 Charles Lollar
Massachusetts-10 Jeff Perry
Michigan-01 Dan Benishek
Michigan-02 Bill Huizenga
Michigan-07 Tim Walberg
Mississippi-01 Allan Nunelee
Missouri-03 Ed Martin
Missouri-04 Vicky Hartzler
Missouri-07 Billy Long
Minnesota-04 Teresa Collett
Minnesota-06 Michele Bachmann
New Jersey-06 Anna Little
New Mexico-02 Steve Pearce
New York-25 Ann Marie Buerkle
Nevada-03 Dr. Joe Heck
North Carolina -02 Renee Ellmers
North Dakota-Rick Berg
Ohio-01 Steve Chabot
Ohio-13 Tom Ganley
Ohio-16 Jim Renacci
Ohio-18 Bob Gibbs
Oklahoma-05 James Lankford
Pennsylvania-03 Mike Kelly
Pennsylvania-04 Keith Rothfus
Pennsylvania-11 Lou Bartletta
South Carolina-04 Trey Gowdy
South Carolina-05 Mick Mulvaney
South Dakota-AL Kristi Noem
Tennessee-06 Diane Black
Tennessee-08 Stephen Fincher
Texas-17 Bill Florez
Texas-23 Fransisco “Quico” Canseco
Virginia-02 Scott Riggell
Virginia-11 Keith Fimian
Washington-02 John Koster
West Virginia-01 David McKinley

2010 Senate Candidates
Alaska Joe Miller
Arkansas John Boozman
Colorado Ken Buck
Delaware Christine O’Donnell
Florida Marco Rubio
Indiana Dan Coats
Kentucky Rand Paul
Missouri Roy Blunt
Nevada Sharron Angle
Pennsylvania Pat Toomey
Utah Mike Lee