Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't get all Flaky on me

I don't want to see Jeff Flake in the United States Senate in 2013.

There I said it.

Last week Senator John Kyle (R-AZ) announced he is retiring and will not be running for re-election. So that opens up a senate seat in 2012. The winner will be a United States Senator in January of 2013. .

Within hours of Kyl's announcement, the economic group, Club for Growth started calling for Jeff Flake to "Run Jeff Run". The next day others, including the Wall Street Journal also came out in favor of Flake.

There's a problem though. Like Club for Growth and the Wall Street Journal, Flake is only half a conservative, while there are other true conservatives looking at this race.

It makes sense that those who only worship the American taxpayer would be attracted to Flake. Everyone knows he is "Mr. No" when it comes to earmarks and spending.

It's just on other issues, Flake takes a much less conservative position.

Normally this is where someone steps in and claims that Flake is the only candidate who can win this race. Except in this case that assertion doesn't hold water. There are at least a handful of other candidates who can not only win this seat for conservatives but would be, well more conservative. Lets take one alternative for example, Congressman Trent Franks. His record with social conservatives is outstanding and even Flake recruiters at the Club for Growth should be happy with a CFG 97% career rating.

So what's my problem with Flake?

1. He's bad on Don't Ask, Don't Tell. He obviously hasn't read the DOD report and their recommendations or he would realize what a tremendous cost this is going to be for the American tax payer. I have posted it here for you . Do yourself a favor, and start reading at page 131. The good stuff doesn't happen until they start talking about redefining what a "dependent" (which will have a huge impact on the cost of housing and benefits) is. I'd also like to point out that he voted for this during the Lame Duck session -- which was the last gasp of Nancy Pelosi and the House liberals to try and ram down the American peoples throats legislation that in a few short weeks would never have made it out of committee. Flake helped them.

2. The so called Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Flake voted in favor of telling businesses who they could and couldn't hire. How is that conservative? Now the interesting thing here is that Nancy Pelosi and her friends really wanted to add sexual expression and identity(men wearing dresses to work) to the list as well, but settled for this as a first step.

3. Pledge Protection Act. Flake voted against protecting the United States flag from desecration. Before those of you who only get out of your mom's basement to either vote for Ron Paul or attend C-PAC, jump all over me about this, the only reason I bring this up is that it passed, and even RON PAUL voted to protect the flag.

4. Internet Gambling. Flake is on the opposite side of social conservatives and major league baseball, football, basketball, etc...

And I could actually go on. Flake has also gained the ire of those who are trying to stop illegal immigration as he sponsored a pro-amnesty bill with Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez (TX). I'm pretty sure that won't play well in a Republican primary in Arizona.

Here's the bottom line:

I just don't quite understand why you would put forward a half conservative like Jeff Flake, when there are other true conservatives who can win this seat.

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